Dave and Vanessa

Anytime you get a chance to be a part of a destination wedding, something changes.  As much as I try to get to know all of my clients, spending 3 days in paradise with everyone somehow makes us all a bit closer.  About a year ago Vanessa and Dave got in contact with me about the possibility of being able to photograph their Mexico wedding!  I was stoked because Vanessa and I had attended college together quite a few years back so, let's just say I jumped at the chance and did everything I could do to be a part of their big day...included helping them change the date!  Their original wedding date was already booked for me, and honestly there is NO GREATER compliment than for a couple TO CHANGE THEIR WEDDING DATE so I could photograph it!  Vanessa and Dave you two are amazing, I hope you love all of your photos half as much as you love each other!  God bless you two in your journey together!