Jacki and Mark | So. California

So honored to have been a part of Jacki and Mark's wedding in Fallbrook CA!  LOVE these two so much!  Having shot well over 100 weddings, I can honestly say this was one of my favorite that I have ever been a part of.  My wife and I were able to shoot their engagement session in Las Vegas while we were there in January and instantly knew I could not WAIT for their wedding.  The detail that Jacki put into this event was like nothing I have EVER seen, it was amazing!  I just hope that I was able to capture the day as everyone remembers it!  Props to Pala Mesa Resort for such an amazing venue!  Also thanks to Liz from FabaLiz Events for coordinating such a gorgeous wedding!  Hope you enjoy the photos!







Dave and Vanessa

Anytime you get a chance to be a part of a destination wedding, something changes.  As much as I try to get to know all of my clients, spending 3 days in paradise with everyone somehow makes us all a bit closer.  About a year ago Vanessa and Dave got in contact with me about the possibility of being able to photograph their Mexico wedding!  I was stoked because Vanessa and I had attended college together quite a few years back so, let's just say I jumped at the chance and did everything I could do to be a part of their big day...included helping them change the date!  Their original wedding date was already booked for me, and honestly there is NO GREATER compliment than for a couple TO CHANGE THEIR WEDDING DATE so I could photograph it!  Vanessa and Dave you two are amazing, I hope you love all of your photos half as much as you love each other!  God bless you two in your journey together!

McKaela and Greg

So last January I had the privilege of traveling to Mexico to shoot McKaela and Greg's wedding...what else can I say about this couple other than, THEY ARE AMAZING!  Their positivity and energy is contagious and they absolutely are a blast to be around.  This wedding was beautiful not because of the location...but because of the people involved.  Everyone from the parents to the bridal party and guests were there to enjoy themselves and celebrate with Greg and McKaela...and that's what happened!  I can't say enough about these two.  We had amazing weather for every day we were there...except the day of the wedding!  We all woke up with the rain and clouds and I think expected it to give way to the sun eventually, but mother nature had other plans.  But these two didn't let it ruin their amazing wedding day!  Any other bride would have been balling her eyes out if her dream beach wedding had been rained out, but not McKaela.  She stayed positive and willing to do anything and everything we wanted to try for photos that day, which gave me life and energy!  So McKaela and Greg, thanks for allowing me to shoot your wedding and be a part of your day!  Love you guys and wish you all the best in the many years to come of your marriage!